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Notices, Lost and Found - you get the idea

This little page is for notices (duh!), items or pets lost and found, accomodation wanted/offered - you get the idea.

It is NOT for offering things for sale, or advertising in any way. No commercial organisations are allowed to post here and everything will be vetted by me.

If you'd like to post here, please EMAIL ME, including a phone number and your name

The newest posts will appear at the top.

Clive Cardozo

My dad was stationed at RAF Wyton from 1957-1959 and I attended Houghton Primary School.
There was a local young lassie from the village that was in my class, through all these years I have never forgotten her. Silly thing is I can't remember her name. So I have no hope of ever finding her…
but if Karma is karma, this will touch her.
My name is Clive Cardozo.

EMAIL ME with any replies and I will pass to Clive.

George Christopher Burder

Ruud Verhagen is a member of Torenmuseum De Peperbus, a museum in Geffen.
In October 1944 our village was liberated by the British Army. In the night 10/11 October Geffen was attacked by the Germans. Despite the superiority of the Germans, the English defenders were able to maintain. A soldier from Wyton Rectory, Huntingdonshire, played a heroic part. He was awarded for a Military Cross! His name was George Christopher Burder, son of The Revd. Claud Vernon Burder and Mary Gabrielle Fielding Burder. Unfortunately George Burder died at 17-4-1945 in Germany.
Our museum is now making an exposition of WW II. In that exposition we would like to show information and photographs of George Burder, the 'hero of Geffen'. We want, if possible, to contact his family to invite them for a meeting in connection with a special remembrance day.

EMAIL ME with any replies

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