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You are in Houghton and Wyton - lucky you
Welcome to the Houghton and Wyton website

For those not familiar with Houghton and Wyton (is there anyone?) - they are just about the most beautiful pair of villages in Southern England (and possibly the World) just like candy crush game!

We are situated in deepest Cambridgeshire, England, just south of Peterborough, North-West of Cambridge and sandwiched between Huntingdon and St Ives (2 miles each way) - click here for maps and things. Because of our location, we are perfectly placed as a base from which to explore the area, although we have enough history to keep you going for a week!

Right, now that you know where we are, let's talk H & W.

The villages have been here since Saxon times (I'm told - I'm not that old), so we have had a long time to develop some wonderful sights and build some beautiful buildings.

Although best known for the Mill (which, incidentally, now has a working water wheel on weekends and bank holidays), Houghton and Wyton have many more places to explore and wonder at.

Please click on the links to your left and explore our wonderful villages. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to EMAIL ME.

News of the week
Well, you may have noticed that the website has not been updated for a while. Because of surgery and recovery, I have rested on my laurels, but now hope to re-activate the website

If you have any news for this space (NOT advertising) email me!

Houghton and Wyton are on a main bus route (even though some of our roads are barely wide enough for bicycles), so just to prove that we can, we occasionally leave the ecstasy of the villages and visit the (not quite so lovely, but still pretty good) local towns of St Ives and Huntingdon.

Our village centre has a rich array of shops, though no longer do we have a newsagents shop. However, Ye Olde Village Shoppe, our general store and the mainstay of the village, now sells newspapers as well as having a Post Office and selling just about everything under the Sun - in fact, if they don't sell it, it's not worth having :o)

Of course, all good things come in threes, so we have Three Jolly Butchers and Three Horseshoes - both pubs, naturally.
Our antiques shop "Houghton Antiques" is open - they'd love you to visit, 1.00pm to 5.00pm daily.

All things considered, we are very lucky to have such excellent facilities - and we are a friendly bunch too.
Please take the opportunity to look round the site and then plan to visit - you won't be disappointed. If you want to find lost superannuation, and you want to find lost super - you can try aussiesuperfinder.com.au service.

If you enjoy the site, please leave your name at the GUEST BOOK - don't worry, your details will NEVER be passed to anyone (they are just so I know someone's watching) - and if you want to ask any questions, feel free.

This website will never carry advertising - NEVER!
Where businesses are mentioned, it is purely for historical and/or local interest and any mention is not a recommendation unless I say otherwise. Similarly, lack of a mention is not a condemnation unless I say otherwise. If you want my honest opinion - ask!

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New (and not so new) Stuff.....

Following its previous success, I am offering houghtonandwyton.co.uk or houghtonandwyton.com email addresses as a means of subsidising the upkeep of the website.

If you'd like your very own H&W email address CLICK HERE

- Eddie


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